RedBull air race

Red bull air race
This last weekend the RedBull air race was held in Perth, the first time in a few years. So I thought I would take a wander down and check it out. I have to admit that even though I am not a sports fan, especially motorised sport, I was really impressed with the skill of these guys. Flying low over the water and twisting and turning their planes through the gates. Of course I had a shot or two (about 300) at trying to take photos of the planes. So using my Pentax DA* f4 300mm, with it set to autofocus (still not sure I like auto)(this photo was with my 80-320mm lens). I tried various spots up and down the river, to get different angles at the gates and try to get something that shows Perth in the background. This photo I think is Yoshihide Muroyn from Japan coming through the finish gate. In the background from the left is KPMG, QV1 building, BHP Biliton (I had a hand in making their roof top sign), Woodside, iicor, some other buildings, Clough and the ASX. Below is the convention centre and a huge PERTH sign, just to make sure its Perth :).

this is one of the photos, I have more on my gallery site and still more to put up

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One comment on “RedBull air race
  1. Alida Thorpe says:

    Nice capture. Good entry for Thursday’s Challenge.

    I saw the Red Bulls in Budapest last year. Amazing performers!

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