Kings Park wildflower EH car show

Kings Park wildflower EH car show

It is Kings Parks 50th year of the wildflower festival, it also the 50th anniversary of the EH Holden car
so with the help of the EH club in WA Kings park combined the 2 anniversaries by turning 2 old EHs into…………

flower pots, sigh

(my wife suggested I do it with my EH, she was joking, i think, hope)

I managed to get a photo showing the character of one of the cars without having to many of the flowers, trying to give it the abandoned in the bush look.
I tried to be different from most others that were taking shots with the flowers too

several photos stitched with microsoft ice

for a larger, more detailed version look on my other site here

EH stuff

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One comment on “Kings Park wildflower EH car show
  1. Freda Mans says:

    Very old indeed, but classic and lovely!

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